About Us

A business usually starts with an idea. Our idea was to offer a service in which small and mid size companies could rely on and easily maintain.

Too often companies who develop websites do not document their work, lack communication, and outright hide things from their clients for the intent of making them pay later for support or additional work. This makes their clients pay thousands in support in order to maintain and update the work they already paid for. We were tired of seeing this selfish and close minded business solution in all too many situations.

With over ten years of experience in information technology and building websites, Basic Web is capable of finding the correct solution for any small to medium size business. Not only can we offer the correct solution but we can also provide low or no maintenance sites. Documented so even a monkey could operate and maintain.

Businesses can already attest to the quality, ease of use, and low maintainance of their new sites. We hope to provide this to as many businesses as possible. Please reach out if you have questions about how we can do this for your company.