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Farmer’s Bakery

Farmer’s Bakery wanted a site created. A part of what Basic Web offers is the ability to assist a business in discovering and connecting with their target market. Once we knew who was being targeted we could focus on developing requirements that the website needed to meet in order to reach their market. With these requirements discovered the project had a meaning. Basic Web delivered not only on the initial requirements but Farmer’s Bakery is able to reach their target market and increase their cash flow.

Some of the features required by the project were Shopping Cart, Products Page, and Contact Integration.

SHOPPING CART: The picture below is the Shopping Cart of their website. Through this widget they are able to get payments directly to their account and offer their customers multiple options for how to pay for their goods.


PRODUCTS PAGE: This picture show a clean and easy to understand Products Page. Making things easy for customers to follow and entice them to purchase was key for Farmer’s Bakery. This Products Page can be easily maintained and will always maintain its sleek and enticing look.


CONTACT INTEGRATION: Being able to get the orders to key employees was critical to a successful order and customer satisfaction. Farmer’s Bakery was able to utilize Google’s Tools and can now access their orders from any location. Whether they are out in the field or in the kitchen baking. Below indicates the reliability and ease of use of Google’s Tools and implementation.


You can view their site HERE