Search Engine Optimization

A large reason to have a website is for search engines to return your business in a search result. This works in many different ways and can vastly increase your website views and increase your cash flow. By having an optimized site for search engines you make your business more […]

Website Development Components

A website in its simplest form is meant to share information. In order to accomplish this and any other intent a website must have several components. Some of these components are: Cascading Style Sheet Hyper Text Markup Language Platform(s) Coding Server(s) Domain(s) Each of these and many more components will […]

Website Integrations

“What is an integration?” you may ask. It is about joining together various software components into one unit. This could be an Excel file that can be accessed on a webpage to something more complex like an HR companies data relayed to a customers website. There are countless ways and […]

Discovering Requirements

In order to understand necessary requirements to a website there are certain steps that must be taken Methods for Discovering¬†Requirements: Items to consider are Scope of Work, Project Budget, and Time Deadlines. Each of these areas must be evaluated against each other and given a quantitative value. In the process […]