CPA’s Website


CPA’s need websites also! MDFCPA looked to Basic Web for an experience their clients would enjoy. Basic Web was able to provide some much needed statistics and analysis on what makes a website useful and popular and used this knowledge to increase total views of their website. We were able to start from the beginning in the development of the website and worked through completion within three weeks!

Some of the requirements from MDFCPA were Integration with current tool, a Clean and Crisp look, and a Testimonials section.

Integration: This picture shows a login used for another application. We were able to utilize this third parties login within the website of MDFCPA so that their clients never had to leave their website in order to get to the tools they needed. Once the login passed authentication we then redirected the client to the third parties internal tool area.

Integration Login

Clean and Crisp: The ability to understand our customer’s needs and quantify it into something they love is something we pride ourselves with. Not only were we able to deliver this to MDFCPA but we were also able to go beyond by delivering features and enhancements which added to the overall cleanliness on the website. Reducing clutter and increasing usability has enabled MDFPCA to lead their clients to the information they need. This image indicates the desires of our customer.

Clean and Crisp

Testimonials: One of the ways that MDFCPA markets to their clients is through word of mouth. They wanted a way to let potential clients know they were a company that can be trusted. They reached out to their current clients and received some testimonies of the great services they provide. Now they can have others witness of their ability to deliver and reach new clientele.


You can view their site HERE