Pet Care Website

4 Pawz Pet Care

Pet grooming and boarding website made easy! 4 Pawz Pet Care looked to Basic Web for an experience their clients would enjoy. Basic Web was able to provide a new look and feel this companies site. Because the owner was able to make decisions quickly we were able to complete the work quickly and efficiently.

Some of the requirements from 4 Pawz Pet Care were Visibility, a Clean and Crisp look, and a Q&A section.

Visibility: This requirement was achieved in several ways.

  1. Created tables which were very easy to read and not over-complicated.
  2. Making an appointment was as easy as clicking a single button on the home page.
  3. The pages were short and simple. Finding information within the site is simple and quick.

Clean and Crisp: streamlining the menus of each page allowed the site to focus on the information and pricing to be the center focus. When making a site where there is no store the most important thing to focus on is the information. By keeping things simple and removing a lot of the excess menus, sections, and information the most important items are the most visible.

Q&A: Because of the problems that 4 Pawz Pet Care were experiencing with their customers and sharing information the need for an area where they could answer some common questions was critical. The section was repeated in several pages to increase the exposure of the most important information that the owner wanted to express to their customers.

You can view their site HERE