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Real Estate Connection wanted an updated site. A part of what Basic Web offers is the ability to assist a business in discovering and connecting with their target market. Once we knew who was being targeted we could focus on developing requirements that the website needed to meet in order to reach their market. With these requirements discovered the project had a meaning. Basic Web delivered not only on the initial requirements but now Real Estate Connection is able to reach their target market and increase their cash flow.

Some of the features required by the project were MLS Integration, Exclusive Listings, and Lead Generation.

MLS INTEGRATION: The picture to the right is data being pulled from the local MLS database and displaying it on Real Estate Connection’s website. This allows for Search Engines to recognize content on their website even if the source is from MLS data.

Integration Data

Integrated Data

EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS: To the left is an image depicting an area of the back-end of their website in which Real Estate Connection can create their own listings. This data is seperate from the MLS data. Which means that the locations added through this method do not get shared to other realtors. Their site is also capable of renting their space out to those who would like to list their own homes not on MLS. Thus allowing the site traffic to handle the advertising for them and increasing Real Estate Connections search results, traffic, and cash flow.

Create Exclusive Listing

Custom Data

LEAD GENERATION: The image to the right indicates the many ways that Real Estate Connection’s website is capable of generating leads. Whether through logging into the MLS system to save favorites, asking to schedule a showing, or needing general help they are generating new leads. They have also enabled social media to enhance they reach and allow their visitors the ability to share their website content across multiple social platforms.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

You can view their site HERE